Natural flavour

We produce over 11,000,000 kilos of peeled garlic per year

We are a company that is dedicated to the elaboration and distribution of peeled garlic packaged in natural, refrigerated and frozen formats

Specialists in the sale of peeled garlic

At Chemajos, we only work with the highest quality product. All the garlic produce that arrives at our facilities is of Spanish origin, and after a meticulous selection at source, they are destined to different points of our production line and distribution chain. This is how we get excellent products that we serve our clients in the format they require

Spanish garlic

Our aim is to make the world know us as specialists in the special flavour of “Spanish garlic” and the consumption benefits of this product

Staff training

One of our most valuable assets is the human workforce; therefore, we offer ongoing training to all our staff

Production control

All our production processes are meticulously supervised by professionals from start to finish

Cutting-edge technology

We are equipped with the most advanced technology to meet demand

Robust infrastructure

We have a large infrastructure to guarantee the supply of our products to all our clients

A company with benchmark

At Chemajos, our expert management team is committed to achieving the company’s objectives, plans and handle more than 400 people

A bit of our background

We started our activity in 1994 in Benejúzar (Alicante, Spain) with the marketing of peeled garlic packaged in its natural state. It was a slow but sure growth where with a production of 100 kg daily we began our advancement

In 1998, we directed our export of peeled garlic to other countries, beginning with the European Community, growing and opening new markets step by step. It was at this point that we reached the volume of 3,000 kg per day

In 2014, the North American international markets opened their doors to Chemajos and with the emergence of new alliances and being fully aware to satisfy the needs of these new markets; Chemajos made the decision to expand its facilities to reach 15,000 Kg of peeled garlic per day in a short span of time

Currently, Chemajos is proud to be the first Spanish company capable of producing the volume of 40,000 kg of peeled garlic a day and continues to strive towards further growth

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